Make Money Online with an E Course

Have you ever considered the possibility of selling your knowledge? You can.

Information Product History Lesson

Not long ago, a few serious entrepreneurs started what became a huge industry selling information products. Originally, people created pamphlets, book and eventually downloadable pdfs. Now a days you can find a myriad of FREE PDF information downloads available all over the web. They’re usually offered without cost in exchange for signing up for an email list or a newsletter. They’re a carry over from the past and often have a fair amount of helpful information.

The idea is that if you like what’s being offered, you will trust the source, subscribe and hopefully purchase future content. It’s amazing what’s available for free these days.

Check out this video, it’s OVER AN HOUR LONG!

New and Improved E Courses

ID-10075044As the market for books and PDFs has become so saturated, it’s hard if not impossible to get noticed and set your information apart from what’s already out there. Additionally, it’s hard for people to even find your information. It almost reminds me of the stories you used to hear about what happens to a manuscript that gets submitted to a publisher. It lands in the slush pile, which is a stack of thousands of books that will never be read. I think your chance of getting struck by lightning was greater than your chance of getting published.

It seems like things are the same way now for on demand books and downloadable free pdfs. What happened is it became way too easy to create these materials, so everyone started doing it.

The new way is to create video based courses where people can feel like they are in a classroom but in the comfort of their own homes. If I haven’t sold you yet, stick around….