Case Study for Pain Course

John SarnoIn the last article we touched on some of the software for larger universities and institutions. Here we’ll go further in depth into some of the software available for smaller situations—for instance one in which you would sell an info product or online course for free or in exchange for income.

Case Study:

We found a great example that combines the latest health trends with learning. It’s a self-directed course that people can take for healing back pain. This site is an amazing example of providing an extraordinary amount of information in a course. We’ve talked about this before, but when you offer your customers much more than what they paid, people keep coming. That’s exactly what we found on this site about Tension Myositis Syndrome. It’s a back pain condition that doesn’t heal through the usual methods.

The folks at have produced a high level course you can take with guaranteed results. I recommend you check them out if you’re looking for examples, or if you have a bad back.

In addition to delivering great content, they employ a series of videos, multiple infographics and interactive assessments and exercises they call Explorations. Basically, as you go along in the course, you do these personal assignments that either examine your personality or help you uncover things in your life that are less than perfect. It’s a great tool to help students get the most out of the program.

Learning Platform: Woo

wooThey’ve used the powerful and popular WooSensei as the learning platform, which is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. WooThemes has taken the market by storm producing some excellent themes for beginners that are also usable by developers. They’ve also produced some great plugins, including WooCommerce which has been downloaded over one million times.

About a year ago they came out with another plugin called Sensei. It’s only a year old and could still use some spiffing up. I’m not sure it’s going to happen based on the boards and what they’ve marked as “working on”, but aside from some of the quiz shortcomings, it looks great. Sensei is designed to work with your theme, so whatever designing and fonts you have now will transfer right over into the course. Very slick and very professional. The downsides are that you can’t time the lessons and you can’t use survey style questions in the quizzes. This seems like it shouldn’t be too hard considering WP Pro Quiz already offers those options for free.